BreezeDry is a breakthrough system, a gentle, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dryers.

By combining advanced yet simple technology and the power of natural drying, BreezeDry offers a better choice in so many ways.


> Perfect for modern drying needs
> Environmentally Friendly
> Budget Smart
> An Improvement on Mother Nature
> Convenient to Your Busy Lifestyle
> Quality, Smart Design Built In

Prolongs the life of delicates such as fine lingerie, expensive silks, cottons or cashmeres, special beaded or sequined tops.

Perfect for all types of garments, especially anything you donít want to run in the dryer

Eliminates hassle, clutter of drip-drying

Dries much faster than drip drying

Accommodates an entire load of clothes

Traditional dryers damage clothing with harsh heat and rough tumbling that snags and tears your clothes. All that lint in the filter is your clothes being torn apart, bit by bit.

Gentle drying extends the life of your clothes.

No more shrinking, fading, fraying or other damage.

the breezedry system
new integrated styling
a natural advantage
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